Tidying Up a Few Misconceptions Around Evidence-Based Policing: Reply to Staller and Koerner (2021)


In this piece we reply to a commentary from Staller and Koerner (2021) on our work entitled, #Defund or #Re-Fund? Re-Examining Bayley’s Blueprint for Police Reform. In short, we agree on the necessity of reflexivity within policing research and the area of evidence-based policing more specifically, but also see this reply as an opportunity to clarify some misconceptions around evidence-based policing and what it means to be ‘evidence-based’. More specifically, we touch upon the flexibility of evidence-based policing to be implemented in tandem with other reform approaches, the value of experiential knowledge and qualitative methods within evidence-based policing, and the confounding of evidence and evidence-based. We conclude on the point of reflexivity and put out a call for follow-up studies that examine the implications of evaluated police practices.

International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, 45(4), 427-430
Jacek Koziarski
Jacek Koziarski
PhD Candidate